Fire TV Edition televisions are all back in stock after selling out over the holidays

By 16/01/2018 AFTVNews No Comments

Amazon had several sales on the Fire TV Edition televisions during the holidays. Those sales resulted in the 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch TV sizes, which were the most heavily reduced, to sell out. When they remained out of stock through the end of the year, some, including myself, wondered if they’d never return and be replaced by new models. That’s apparently not the case just yet because all sizes have just come back in stock this morning.

In an interview with Jared Newman of TechHive, Marc Whitten, Amazon’s vice president of Fire TV, said “We’re very invested in the Fire TV Edition. We have a big team working on it, we’re very excited, and this is not the last moment that I’m going to make announcements.”

It seems safe to assume that new TVs running Amazon’s Fire OS will be announced later this year, but the return on Amazon of the current models by Element is probably a good indicator that it won’t happen soon.


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